Thursday, October 28, 2010

My first "official IBM Ring 160" club meeting ramblings

I went to my first IBM Ring 160 meeting last night. Been a member for more than 2 years (or is it 3?) but have never been to a meeting apart from a year end special (where the focus was a comedy club owner taking about the comedy club business - was actually interesting and informative) and lectures co-organized with Magic NZ.  Basic reason was they had bi-monthly meetings that fell on Wednesdays and I used to have Wednesday Home group meetings that always happened to clash with meeting times. Then of course certain free Wednesdays I would have "emergencies" or was just to tired (or at times sick).

Last night I was sick but as my coughing seems to get bad later in the night ... I made the effort to attend ... since I needed a bit of magical inspiration to get my creative juices flowing (31st October Light Party is just round the corner). Was a wonderful meeting.

The President Tony Wilson taught a simple trick that I believe I can modify and use quite easily - one day ... just probably need an hour or so to prepare.Then some club business and lots of lame jokes! :-) Then about six of us took turns to perform (I even performed a trick). What I found interesting was that a few of the items performed were basic variations of effects I now and use. Funny too that the trick I did was followed by a friend Nathan (from the other club I am a member with) which employed a similar concept - but in a different way. Glad I went first as mine was an effect that employed the basic use of this principle and his went one step further. If not, it would have been a bit of an anti-climax. But the way it turned out, it was much cooler - his was almost like a part two - bigger climax! His was based on something taught by a different magician. But bottom line, it employed same principles. Interesting ...

Interestingly, and coincidentally (?) at the end of the performances, the Pres showed us an old effect that he was reworking on - new twist to an old trick. The Pres also explained his effect and broke it down into logical parts with explanations of how he would normally do the effect etc. And the only female member showed us something she was working on and I thought it was great - again a very ancient trick but with I think a modern twist combining two art forms. Speaking with her (more like mostly listening in actually) it was interesting to see the amount of time and work this one trick would require of her. These people are really dedicated to their craft. But then again she does magic for a living so it is to be expected.

And talking about dedication. One of the people who came Steve, was really dedicated - he is a prospective member - first meeting and he drove from Hamilton! And after the meeting was going to drive back!

It was nice too that a South African member Wesley performed a cool effect and asked for our feedback on an aspect of the trick he was not happy with and members gave their feedback and ideas to make it better. I have missed this kind of meeting style so it was especially good for me as it started my rusty old brain moving and the creative juices secreting (sadly not yet flowing).

Meeting was very enjoyable for me - very informative. I knew the basic principles behind all the tricks - except one but that made it all the more enjoyable for me as I could focus on the performances and enjoy each magician's personal touches.

Good conversations after the presentations over refreshments too which was nice. And I borrowed a DVD from their library on the magic of Shaun Yee. Shaun Yee is a Malaysian magician who many years ago moved to Europe and has made a name for himself there. Heard about him but have never seen his style of magic,. That would be good fun to watch on Monday when I am off.

An extra bonus is that the club rents a private library hall - newly renovated - a Jewish memorial library which interests me. Have e-mailed the library about joining. Fee is very reasonable - $20 a year (though the library is pretty far away - other side of Auckland. Looks like a great resource place for me to do specific research and study on stuff related to Judaism, Israel etc.  I am glad I took the time to go.

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