Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love Home Group and Baptism service

Was nice to have the LOVE home group take charge of the worship service last Sunday and I look forward to the FAITH home group doing the same this coming Sunday.
Always a refreshing change! And the bonus was it was also a baptism service.

Finally Greg and Su leading the worship! Praise God!

Almost a full music team which was an added bonus!

Shuren saying a few words before his baptism

"MJ" Moon Ho as usual had us in stitches with his natural  humour which was also as usual a moving honest sharing.

One of the best parts of being a pastor - I get to be a baptizer!
Baptizing Shuren

Baptizing MJ

It has been a while since we had people come up to sing during Sunday service - especially men! So this was really nice

LOVE group women were as usual the string singers

Am glad Li-Ann got such good shots like this. Their first communion. Something special that brings back memories for me!

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