Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gardening update - planter box

Don't want to blog on the earthquake and the many after shocks.. Grateful for the miracle that no one was killed though there is going to be a lot of long term hardship for thousands of people.

My planter box has been built. A good 6 hours of hard work but also fun work by SAM the BUILDER, assisted by my son Andrew and myself. Of course most of the time I kept out of the way and did weeding and smaller stuff as I am a bit of a klutz and did not want to mess things up.

God was really nice to us and stayed the rain till we were done (weather report was for rain)

It's done but not ready for planting as I now have the headache of getting soil. Headache as my back yard is not easily accessible to a truck that brings in dirt. Dread the prospect of having to manually carry many dozen trips with a wheel barrow. Already I have mild aches in my thighs from a lot of squatting yesterday! :-)

Sam with one of his many tools, especially important as he had to make my planter box  octagonal in shape as he needed to modify my sand pit.
My messy sand pit after Sam removed the original borders

After measuring the various sides (they were not equal in length) he made the first layer of walls with the foundation posts. Section by section ....

The basic frame once completed. Andrew learned a lot and is here putting in the additional nails. I love how nice it looks with the 2nd layer of planks fitting so neatly on tip of the first.

Amazing simple tools - forgot what it is called now but it's a tool to help nail in nails that have to be nailed at difficult angles. So many tools!

Forgot the name of this saw too. An added touch by Sam to make the box look much nicer. He trimmed the posts at an angle. Nice.

Really appreciate the little touches by Sam. Small cut to make sure my planter box seat fits perfectly as it sits very close to the fence that borders my neigbour's property.

The seats a nice touch as it means I can sit and weed etc and also just sit and enjoy my garden plants. Again Andrew was in charge of the additional nails.

The final product. If you look closely you can see that the planter box looks slanted and "out of shape". Actually, it is not. My original deck is actually slanted! But the planter box is perfectly level. We checked using that measuring tool. This one I know the name!! ... just slipped my mind :-(

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