Monday, August 2, 2010

Two more simple "signature" dishes

I now have 2 more "signature" dishes to add to my lamb curry and hokkien mee :-) Forgot to take photos but they have been "field tested" with good responses.
They are my original deep fried chicken giblets and tomato chutney. The giblets recipe came out of a lot of fooling around with giblets for a long time and one day some months ago it came out really nice - I liked it as did my boys but giblets are not really something people generally like so never served then to others until I prepared lunch for my mission team early this year in preparation for our mission trip. Since then tried it out on quite a few functions and even those who don't like giblets went for seconds. I love it cause it doesn't take long to cook.

Th chutney recipe I got from my good friend Nilesh - watching him cook it in Cambodia. I asked him for the ingredients and wrote them down. Trouble of course is that I have no idea as to the portions and style of cooking - as I only came into the kitchen due to the wonderful sharp smell of chillies cooking in oil ... But I tried out the basic recipe fooling around in the kitchen a week ago and even my wife loved it. The end result is certainly different form Nilesh's dish (which is super spicy and delicious) but it is nice that it is different.
Anyway I also sent it out to a friend to taste - good reviews, and then over the weekend made it for a house warming - good response. :-) Will fool around with it more but it is nice to have two more fast recipes I can use for functions. Next week will try it again when I try to cook idli for the first time and eat it also with my coconut chutney

Ah ... these are some of little things in life that help give me a sense of achievement. Life in NZ is good. If I were still in Malaysia, I would not have the opportunity or motivation to fool around in the kitchen!

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