Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random pix from Takeo, Cambodia

The T-I-P class with Sok Lan. I had the pleasure of teaching them for  four days.
And later special classes for 3 days as well with a select few. 
Just realized I still had some pictures in my camera not transfered and deleted to my team member's PC for collation.
Brownie the bunny the chewed the wires that caused my electrocution
Photo with some of the English class students one ... morning I think

Dinner one night at the stalls with some of the local workers.
Significant to me that two of them were people I got to know years ago.
One of them, whom I taught a few classes when he was doing his Bible and ministry training
eight years ago (or longer) is now the local pastor at Takeo.
Mixed vegetables. I know it has meat and lotus plant in it ....
soups are popular - tasty and sourish - lots of lemon grass too.
On the right is a favourite - salt fish, which interestingly is also a little sweet.
Another soup dish. Delicious
Steven and Nilesh did a lot of handy work around the centre.
Creative work without proper tools and limited materials.
Placed my mobile next to the gecko so the size is clearer. Really beautiful polka dotted colourful skin.
Thought it was pretty big but was later told by a local that it was of average size only.
Later caught this fellow in my luggage bag!


  1. i can't stand geckoes!!! so geli!!!!!! i can't believe you got close enough to put your cell phone by it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Local pastor would be Taht?

  3. z I actually don't like geckos either. Mission trips come with added adrenaline :-)

    Colin, Yup ... Thart :-)