Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's great to be back at work and some random photos

While I was back at work last week Thursday, it is only today that I seem to be getting back into work rhythm. And if feels great (despite my nose deciding to take up running this morning). Only drawback is that I feel cold today!

So far, worked on my Sunday presentation, done my pastor's notes (and worked out the seeds for the next few weeks), and did spadework for my sermon series on parables.

Unfortunately my guest preacher for 1 Aug is not able to make it so it will mean speaking 6 weeks out of 6 instead of 5 out of 6. Good news is that finished the first last Sunday and that response was very good! :-) But I am looking forward to preaching this series so that's a major part of the work done. Even had time for visitation earlier this afternoon and now only realized that I had no time for lunch! Having too much of a good time :-) And it is interesting that my stomach did not growl a reminder (for a change!). Looks like one of the side effects of my Malaysian "run" and subsequent "pain in the behind" might have been the slight shrinking of my stomach size! Some people have openly told me that I have lost weight! What?! In winter? "How can one ..." Tale of the scales confirm that I have indeed lost weight :-)

There's so much to do the next few weeks so it is great to feel up beat rather than stressed. May the good times continue to roll.

I suppose a lot has to do with feeling good to be alive! :-)

Looked at some of the photos in my camera ... first is at our home group's farewell party for Amos. Good memories of good food and fellowship and a group that cares for each other.

Then next is a photo of the courtesy room I stayed in while on transit (in KL) to Phnom Penh. The Pan Pacific Hotel. Crazy! The room and bathroom is at least 2/3 the size of my whole house in Auckland!

Then the next is a family we visited while in Cambodia.  As usual balloons come in super handy. :-)
And the fourth os a photo of some of Cambodian youth who came for the youth camp we organized. This is the pre-group photo shot - of everyone trying to organize themselves so we can take a group photo.

Why the poor quality shot? I am not the official camera man ... Still waiting for the official photo DVD. We all have been so busy since returning.

The last is a piece of craft / art work done by an extremely poor Cambodian girl. She recently (less than a month) became a Christian and made this as a gift to the church as an expression of her thanks and love for Christ. We visited her family and she is dirt poor. Family of six live in a one room hut built illegally but with permission on land owned by a temple. Fear is that if the temple authorities discover she is a Christian, they may no longer allow them to live there. Her mother (interested but not a Christian) is now reluctant to allow the missionary to do Bible study with her at her home. But what was so amazing is that they had so little but gave us longans (mata kuching) and rambutans they specially bought from the market for us. The fruits were clearly luxuries they could ill afford but such was their hospitality. Our hope is to be allowed to help her with her education. She is a bright and hardworking girl.

How can I not be upbeat and thankful to God for work (esp satisfying work) that gives me and my family, shelter,  food and clothing and so many other extras when I see how others have so little and yet are so thankful?

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