Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some photos with superstar magicians

Some photos I took with and of some superstar magicians during the 30th NZ Magic convention

With Whit Hayden before the International Superstars show.  I had a great time interviewing him and getting off topic simply because he is not just a magician but very knowledgeable in the subjects of theology, philosophy and psychology. He once studied to be a pastor! :-)

Then with John Carney, and later with "Mr. Mysto" backstage before his performance. It does pay great dividends to be asked to help backstage and to agree! :-)

And of Paul Romhany in his "Charlie Chaplin" - also backstage as he gets ready for his opening act. He's one of the top NZ performers and a really nice person as well and as well as a photo together before backstage preparation.

And last but not least, a photo with Paul Daniels himself and of him and the lovely Debbie McGee!

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