Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy ramblings

May not be blogging much for a while. Busy! Busy! Busy! leaving in 2 weeks for Cambodia and so much to do. Lots of meetings and projects to complete before I leave.

A few planning meetings, mission trip practices, lessons to fine tune, a number of magic tricks to work on (for Cambodia), packing -always a minor challenge as I have so many resources to bring and I need to pack light since I want maximum space and weight to bring stuff back from Malaysia after Cambodia.! Then there is the church admin stuff to sort out so that all is well covered when I am away. Of course there are the other pastoral matters to see to as well. Almost feel over whelmed.

I am so glad I am not preaching these next 2 weeks ... though I need to prepare for 5 sermons in 6 weeks when I return! *scary* So I need to get at least my outlines for the first two ready before I leave or risk spoiling my week's break in Malaysia.

Taking leave last weekend from Friday to Monday for the NZ magic Convention has certainly reduced  preparation time BUT boy was it worth it!!It was an incredible convention - and one highlight was getting to know Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee. On the first day when I got them to sign a magic book written by Paul Daniels, they signed a generic greeting. On the last day when I brought out a second book (different one) for them just before interviewing them (they granted me an exclusive interview!), he gave me his Paul Daniel's look of mock exasperation and made some comments about the book and then told, me "I am going to sign this differently and personally mention your name!" *you had to to be there to see my very big grin to understand*

One thing I really enjoyed about Paul Daniels was they way he kept "taking the micky" out many of the Kiwis for their horrible pronunciation of words. I thought it was so funny, and to hear Darren Carr (an Australian ventriloquist) do the same in his acts were hilarious! When I mentioned back stage to Darren how I enjoyed though Paul Daniels teasing the Kiwis on this matter, he looked at me and agreed saying "I actually understand what you say when you speak to me unlike many of the Kiwis whom for the life of me, I have no idea what they are saying!" (That was a paraphrase) Hahaha. Gave me the guts to respond to a Kiwi lady who said to me, "You speak with an accent", with "Actually, so do you!" :-) (I was smiling of course and acting innocent).

BTW, If you ever get the chance to see Darren Carr live, you should make an effort. His act is first rate.

Then I also got an exclusive interview with Whit Hayden which never got off the ground the way it was supposed to be - which was fine with me as it lasted an hour! The reason was that he knew I was a pastor and he actually trained to be a pastor. A fellow seminarian. But he dropped out due to the insight of a venerable godly seminary professor who took him aside one day and suggested that being a magician was his vocational calling! An amazing story of insight and mentoring..... It was so cool talking theology with him as he mingled it with his insights into human nature, psychology and logic, and of course his philosophy of magic. I know a lot of the younger magicians found him boring but to me he was brilliant as a thinker and a practitioner. His moves are so subtle.Okay, enough about magic for now ...

Back to work~! Busy! Busy! Busy! *sigh* but HAPPY!

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