Friday, May 28, 2010

Time for a small celebration break ramblings

I finally finished my class notes (8 hours worth!) for my fast approaching short term mission trip to Cambodia. Just e-mailed it off to the missionaries to be vetted and for their feedback. As they have never had any problems with my class notes in the past, I think it is not premature to exhale and give a big sigh of relief that one major project has been done. Still have more work of course related to our team practices etc but it is a nice feeling indeed!

I am also slightly ahead of time in terms of my general sermon preparation too despite the major distraction of overseeing the church repair works and feeling under the weather. I have been forced to take 4 panadols a day over the last few days (headaches and last night, a fever). I know the limit is 8 a day but I just don't want to take pain killers unless I really have to. Mouth ulcers also developed during this time though my taking of vitamin B the last 2 days is helping a lot!

It's not that I actually have to oversee anything, as the electrician is very professional, thorough, hardworking and cheerful.He certainly loves what he does and that is such a joy for me to watch him at work. Yesterday I walked in on him and his and his boss in the late afternoon, and greeted them with "Are you having fun yet?!" And they both as if on cue boomed back "Always!" :-) A good illustration of a people who understands his calling and vocation and thrives in it. For me, it looks like tedious work but he clearly enjoys it.

It's just that I am kind of stuck in the office this week (on call?) because of this and can't break the tedium of being stuck in the office by doing visitation and other stuff like that. Hard to push creative juices when I can't get up and go out fort a short while to do something different. Thank God that a church member came over to help with a bit of the work this morning and so I got to pop out for half an hour to get the church mail and pick up a couple of books from the library and a bag of doritos chips. It was really nice getting out especially since the sun is shining again (at least for a little while). BTW, I think all the adverts for "doritos" is over rated. So so ... taste. I prefer Kettles which I recently discovered (because it was on sale).

Also time to celebrate as the power company inspectors are happy with the job and we will have power back later today. Can't get out of the office yet as there is still work to be done and I have to wait for the power company to restore power.

I dropped out of both magic competitions I signed up for in next weekend's convention. *sigh* Just not time to prepare. But then on the bright side I don't have to worry about about messing up any performance! :-) So less stress for sure.  But just a tad of new stress as I have been requested to help backstage for the International Stars of Magic performances. Made a deal to handle one performance and my club president the other. That way we each get a chance to sit in the audience and enjoy the show! Backstage helping with such magic luminaries as Paul Daniels, John Carney, Whit Hayden and Paul Romhany is pretty unnerving. Must focus - don't mess up! :-) But then I have had some experience over the past two years so I hope that helps. I am looking forward to this convention and pray that no emergency crops up to ruin this for me.

Ok, small celebration over ... back to work ...

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