Monday, May 17, 2010

My boys on Youth Sunday

Yesterday was Youth Sunday at KCC. Excellent service led by our youth that was well received by both young and old, new members, old members and visitors. I took photos and here's a few of my boy in action.

Nice theme that linked the whole service was how the youth as younger Christians needed the wisdom and support of the older more matured adults.

Both were involved in the music / worship - Andrew on acoustic guitar and Steven on bass.

Steven was involved in a skit (that illustrated how the temptations and struggles of today's youth are the same as that faced by adults.

And Andrew was one of the youth who was interviewed as to his challenges as youth and what God was doing in his life.


  1. so cute!!!! the proud father boasting about his sons!!!

    btw, andrew looks very much like jennifer now that he is all grown up!

  2. we just had youth sunday yesterady :) joycelin did an interview of some youth via video and edited it for the church to see. good one :) chun keat shared the benefits and challenges of being 2nd generation christian.