Sunday, May 30, 2010

LOST final episode - still lost and will not be found

The LOST grand finale was finally shown on NZ TV last night and I must say that I found it so disappointing. I think the writers were over zealous in trying to hook us onto the show and in the process also got lost!.In fact I think the got lost the whole of the last season and were stumbling about in the dark, and the more they tried to answer the numerous loose ends they created, the more they messed up. Were they writing the each episode straight after the last one?

I think I will boycott watching some of these series if FLASH FORWARD ends up in a similar fashion.

I can think off the top of my head half a dozen better endings that would have been more satisfying ending despite the fact that they would not tie off the many loose ends. Yet even then, it would only be possible if they did not write season 6 the way they did and complicate the story line even more,

If they just tied up a few loose ends every now and then in each season, it would have made their task so much easier.

For example, they could have ended with the bomb going off and the people back in their lives in the alternate time line they were mean to be, they could have worked out some of the details of the significance of each key person.

Or introducing alien technology or presence on the island for the reason they was special would have given them options to sort out things in season 6.

Or the others etc being people from a different dimension.

Or showing that it was about a battle between good and evil, resurrecting Jacob

But I think the episode where they explain Jacob and the black smoke's origins was really stupid as it did not answer any questions but raised even more. Making them both amoral persons did not help. It would have had been more satisfying if there was a clear cut good and evil. *sigh* Sign of the times? A-moralism?
The "Black smoke" is made out to look misunderstood and the good guy and yet he is clearly the bad guy.

Or having all the dead on the island return somehow to be involved in the final solution, giving them a chance for redemption?

Have I given six other options yet? Let's see, nope just five.

Okay, one more. How about having all the supporting cast be shown as collateral damage and focus on the oceanic six and a few others, where "forces" (Jacob?) are bringing them together to give them meaning in their lost lives and to give them new purpose. Perhaps becoming mediators to bring peace among the Island's factions and learn how to properly harness the power of the Island for good?

I know my story-lines don't sound that great either but that's because the plot was too "lost" :-)

OK, enough rambling ...

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