Friday, May 21, 2010

Have you googled yourself lately?

I googled myself today and saw this. I can't figure out why my old defunct multiply blog still comes up ... but it is interesting that my own blog is the first on the list. It's nice to be No. 1 in something even though it is nothing significant! LOL Lots of Paul Long's around but still a pretty unique name :-)

Nice that my church website comes up in the search as well.

But the FB hit one is not me but another Paul Long. Guess that's because I am not really a FB user.

Then for fun I googled a few other people ... Allan Yong (the entertainer) and found him on No. 3 - the other Allan Yong's were different people.

But of course when I googled Sivin Kit, he was on the whole page! LOL To be expected - the super connected linked guy that he is, and I have to say that Sivin Kit is a very unique name for a clearly unique person :-)

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