Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Steven's Cambridge maths results

Am very proud that Steven did well in his Cambridge maths test and got a small school scholarship as well. He gets to spend the money as he wishes.:-)

What I find interesting that I see that four of the Year 12 Scholarship winners are also members of the school Table tennis team. Looking at the other scholarship recipients from the Year 13s, I also see members of the TT team!

Am happy for the team that with some generous sponsorship from a good friend (thank you my friend if you ever read this!), we have money for two coaches to prepare the team(s) for the NZ regional and national school championships. I have watched the team improve in an amazing way last year with a bit of "professional"coaching. Like the teacher in charge said, "We have a very intelligent team". They learn and pick things up fast.

Table tennis is not a major school sport but after 2 years of team building, this is the best team we might have for a long time as the top squad is still around (final year in school). Go KBHS!

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