Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Minor dilemma for prayer

I had a meeting this morning to discuss my possible further involvements in my local community. A fruitful meeting and here are my options. From the meeting, it seems that I would be able to contribute much.

1. Join the Kelston Community Trust (KCT) Board as a trustee.


2. Join the Kelston Boys High School  (KBHS) Board as a trustee. To do this I have to submit my papers for elections by 12 noon Friday. But even if I am not elected, I can be co-opted as a full member.

3. Join both.

Issues for me are:


2. How much can I actually learn and contribute

After discussion and now much thought and more prayer, I do believe that joining KCT is definitely something I should do. Hours required are not only shorter but it would also
a. be a great learning experience
b. be a place I can contribute by also exploring way sin getting my church involved
c. be a wonderful networking opportunity. All the school heads are on the board plus some business people and a couple of local officials.

Interestingly it seems no churches have been interested over the years in getting involved in the wider Community Trust work, preferring to stick to work with their own church communities.

So now my dilemma I suppose is whether I can handle the KBHS position. Slightly more hours but it is a local high school and so there's more opportunities for grass root level involvement. I can see that I can't contribute much in most of the sub committees but there is a need for someone with Asian insights, and someone like me who's focus is more towards racial integration as opposed to championing the needs of a ethnic group.

One would  provide opportunities for more macro level engagement and involvement, while the other would provide opportunities for a more micro level involvement. I know I need the macro but I also happen to love the micro.

Blogging this helps me think and pray through ....

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  1. don't forget to let us know how you decide. :)