Monday, April 5, 2010

April Garden update

It has been a nice Easter break and though it is mid Autumn it is nice that I see some plants are fruiting. My first flower opened up this morning. At 7 AM  this morning it was just a bud, then at 11 AM  I looked and it had opened up. I think in a week or so my little row of flowers would be very colorful. 
It feels great as these were all planted from seeds.

My chilly plants are all doing well as the second photo clearly shows. Five chilly plants are well and three different varieties. The tiny plant in the photo is producing a lot of chillies and this time I remembered to take a photo before I picked all the red. It has been great cooking with fresh chillies!

My two feijoa trees however are giving me the biggest thrill. April - June is the general Feijoa season and my tiny trees - more like a little plant as the highest branch (more like twig) is only 3 1/2 feet high. But so many fruit and pretty big too. Looking forward to tasting my fruit! I water my trees every day with at least half a pail of water and every few days add just a tiny bit of fertilizer ... so I know that while God gives growth, I Paul planted and also watered as I have no Apollos willing to do the watering. :-)

BTW, the fruit looks different because I got two different varieties because I wanted to prolong the fruiting season and got one that fruits later :-) And also thought it would be nice to compare the difference in taste and texture of 2 different varieties.

Later this evening I will be doing working on my lawn ... *sigh* not my favourite task but it needs to be done and over the last few weeks I have noticed that my lawn and garden as a whole does look much better. Hard work does pay off  and there is a certain positive satisfaction in this :-)

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