Thursday, March 11, 2010

So only 214 got straight As and not 7,987?

Report from the STAR

SPM: 214 students scored above 90% for all subjects

PUTRAJAYA: In the 2009 SPM results announced Thursday, 7,987 students obtained all As in the subjects they took, said Education director-general Datuk Dr Ahamad Sipon.

He said that under the new scoring system introduced for the 2009 examinations, 214 of the those students who scored all As scored above 90% (A+) in all their subjects.

So this means only 214 got straight As and not 7,987?

If 90% is an A+? What exactly is the percentage that qualifies for an A grade? And what about A-? And what does a student need to get a B?

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