Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ramblings on my last hour - is this a picture of the modern life?

I have a lot of "nervous" energy today .... multi-tasking with a messier desk than usual. Hence my posting frequently today ...

"Ramblings on my last hour" ... heh, realized that almost sounds as if I am going to die! :-(

In the last hour ... I realized I have been checking mail (e-mail and snail mail) and replying e-mails, chatting online (gmail chat), checking the local papers ... looking for an advert related to a church activity, updating / syncing my itouch, making and receiving phone calls (mobile and land line), sms-ing, scratching myself (LOL - literally as I have loads of insect bites that is driving me crazy ... seems they are mostly grass flea bites and mosquito bites - a result of my gardening), making posters (for Saturday's church gala), snacking on my lunch (a ham and egg sandwich and a pear), scanning the online news portals ... BTW a nice Nutgraph article by Deborah Loh entitled WHO SPEAKS FOR ISLAM. (Hmm... I wonder if she is related to Rev LSC?) ...

... And jotting notes on 4 different projects as thoughts come to mind .... and fooling around with my blog (yeah, typing this out, then stopping to do something else. then coming back ....). I think the modern life is way too "hectic"? Not even sure which word to use to describe what I am thinking (or trying to think). Just so distracting? But yet with modern technology, a lot gets done.

So is this a typical picture of the modern life? And is this a good thing? *shiver* I have mixed feelings. Perhaps it is time to block some time off to "re-center" again ... :-) And time to borrow and read a few comics? But not in the next few days ....

The 4 projects? One is related to theology (a difficult question to answer), one to magic (next week's show), another to long term sermon preparation (never ending task ...) and the last "my to do lists" (yes plural ... for the next few days, next week and beyond ...).

I am just surprised that I am not listening to a podcast or music. Interestingly (for me) unlike most young people, I would find that distracting. Yet another sign though that I am definitely no longer young. *heavy sigh* :-)

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