Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garden ramblings

It looks like a busy week again. Looks like I will be busy every night ... except Sunday night. Plus side is more visitation planned ... :-) Looking forward to having dinner tonight with a new family that has joined our church. Appreciate very much their dinner invitation.

Anyway thought I'd post up some photos updates of my garden.

First is a photo of my "serai" (lemon grass) plants. From one small stalk, I have separated the plant into three bunches. I transplanted two bunches near the side of my house and left a huge third bunch in my "sand pit".

Second is a photo of my Feijoa tree. Not yet two years old too and while both trees are still very small, both are starting to fruit. Way faster than it is supposed to fruit so I am very happy especially since after one year the trees looked as if they have not grown at all. I would attribute its good health to daily watering and regular fertilizing etc. Now that I am seeing the "fruits", I am glad I put in the hard work.

Third and fourth photos are of my chilly plants. These were given to me by a church member and I replanted them and one (the tiny one) has been bearing loads of chillies. I should have taken a picture of them when they chillies were red but I was too eager and plucked them very quickly :-) But you can see the green chillies quite clearly.

The fifth photo is that of my strawberry plant. Still going strong after I transplanted it a month ago. Season long finished but strangely, a flower has emerged (can't be seen in the picture though). I am curious to see whether a tiny strawberry might start growing in a few weeks. Am hoping the plant will spread naturally over winter if escapes the frost. The potted plant is my Basil which has been flowering for months. Decided to leave it in the pot.

Also planted last month some flowers in the front. Rather late but I thought why not try some flowers. They are growing well and I hope in a few weeks to see some colourful flowers blooming.

My garden (esp the lawn) is still pretty messy but I think I am slowly getting there. Lots of work to do but taking it slow and steady,. Just glad the flax plants have been finally removed and am getting my very tall and scary "Christmas" pine tree removed today. It's the one in the background of my Feijoa photo.

My Macadamia plant is growing well too. Who knows, I might get some early fruit next year. Fingers crossed!

I am now also mowing my own lawn (given up on my boys :-)) and after trying out petrol and electric mowers, have bought a push mower (totally manual). Not actually recommended but I decided it would be less hassle and would provide me with helpful exercise. First time using it last week ... and it went decently well. I think together with my line trimmer and weed killer, I am slowly getting into the Kiwi gardening spirit.

Okay back to work ...

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