Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chinese New Year meeting 2010 ramblings

Bit late I know .. been busy :-) The church Chinese New Year Outreach meeting (20th Feb) went really well. We had more people at the meeting than we have in a regular Sunday service! (and more than half our members did not come!)

I think our Chinese speaking Home group did a marvelous job. Nice to see so many shy ones getting involved up front. Games, stories and sharing, singing, items and a gospel message And the message was with interpretation! - Made me wonder if I was back at seminary during combined chapel :-)

Good news for me is that I had no role to play except to pray and give thanks for the food. Bad news :-( is that the group wants a break next year and want me to take back the responsibility for the event... We'll see. :-)

Food was as usual a highlight. Really good food. It was nice for me to attend too as I had a super quiet CNY - shingles! :-( and thus missed the earlier great food and fellowship meetings.
I am dreaming of having a different cultural based outreach meeting in 2011. But for that we need to have a larger group of active and "gung ho" members from an ethnic group that is not Chinese! So far the Indians are not confident enough having lost many key members to migration :-(

And interestingly, the Pakehas (Europeans / whites) are actually very diverse in terms of ethnic background .. though I think I may have enough people with Scottish backgrounds who might be willing to give it a go! ... It would be cool if we see our dream of having an influx of Pacific Islanders in the community come to Christ and join us this year and in 2011 have a special Pasifika meeting .... The Pacific Islanders cultures are so rich!

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