Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick comments on politics related news

Been catching up on the news on The Star online ...

Zul Nordin: Group in Pakatan scheming to kick me out

And you still want to stay? I don't get it.

But there was no permit ... if it involves the PM, an illegal billboard is okay?

So Nik Aziz is manipulating for this political mileage but this is not?
Will the DPM and Pak Lah show they are not using this celebration for political mileage by turning up?

I'm impressed that he admitted he made a mistake. Good sign.

Then on to Malaysian Insider ..

Yawn, it was expected ... RPK some time back predicted all this political wrangling. What is so sad is that these are the main issues of people who wish to be respected leaders of the country.

Er ... I thought protesting and marches etc were not part of "our culture"?

And will the government grant them a permit to do this? And if they do not, and they do this "illegally" will any action be taken against them?

Okay, enough of this - the news and my comments are too negative. *sigh*

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