Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some good "ups and downs"

The last few days, I've had some "ups and downs" ... good ups and downs :-)

Some "good ups" ...

And my vegetable plants are steadily growing upwards. Amazed that some of my salad plants are actually getting rather tall!

Also my confidence in my magic had a boost.

I was asked to do a magic show for a community gathering organized by the local council (in March). Nice but this means I need to set aside time to practice. But it is a great opportunity to connect with the wider community and give my church a bit more positive exposure.

I had a small confidence booster on Sunday. I had a nice relaxing BBQ on Sunday afternoon with some of my magic club friends. First time I have been free to attend one of the club's social functions. Great to just sit in the sun (and sometimes shade) and listen to stories.
I performed two simple magic effects and the response as good. Of course performance wise, I need to do a lot more work but the basics are firm which is good. And one of them is an impromptu effect that will now be part of my regular repertoire.

And as a bonus, the person hosting the BBQ gave me a few helpful gardening tips - I think I will be planting some potatoes this year!

Some "good downs"

My cholesterol is down to 4.8!! First time I even dropped below 5. I think my eating a little oats in the morning and more fresh vegetables from my garden must have helped a bit too :-) So strange that I was hungry at 9.30 PM last night and I actually had a bowl of salad instead of a corn beef sandwich!
* Of course this meant that I had to make a corn beef sandwich for today's brunch.

My weight is also down. Of course it needs to go down some more but it is nice to know that while it still fluctuates the average is lower (and the tummy is a bit flatter)
* But boy, it is hard as I get so hungry :-)


  1. i heard that non-organic potatoes are the worst things to get because potatoes are a root vegetable and they absorb all the chemicals that farmers put in the earth. so if you can grow your own potatoes, you'll know that they'll be good for you!!

  2. I am certainly going to try growing potatoes this year. Hope to have some time next month to find out more about the garden bags and the planting season etc.