Friday, November 20, 2009

Sign for me to reduce some weight?

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago - on my son Steven's birthday before we went to attend a friend's 60th birthday bash.

When I finally looked at the photo last week, I noticed that my tummy had become rather prominent. :-)

Of course I at first wanted to creatively blame the look on my shirt (as it is an older shirt) but that only emphasized the point further that I have put on weight. *sigh* So I have been trying to be good and not eat too much and do a bit more walking. Not sure how much the size of my tummy will go down but at least I have dropped 1 kg in just over a week (but I still need to drop a few more!)

But my mum's coming next week and I am looking forward to her cooking up a storm! *drool* ...especially since the weather is so much warmer meaning I can do some nice cooking with lots of oil using my electric wok outside on my back deck. Have not been able to do too much fried stuff as it would stink up the whole house. NZ homes are just not built for Malaysian style dishes (especially the deep fried stuff)*sigh*


  1. I would respectfully like to decline your offer to enter into this part of your world. But the spirit is unwilling and the body is more than willing :-(