Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hannah’s example of prayer (Pastor's Notes) and some ramblings

Just posted up my Pastor's Notes. Click HERE

Ramblings ...

I have found it both difficult and not so difficult to write a weekly Pastor'as Notes for my church bulletin. It is not required of me but I thought it would be a good thing to do in terms of personal discipline. The basic idea was that if I can keep coming up with something "fresh" each week, it would help me gauge both my "spiritual well" (one gauge as how well I am keeping myself spiritually fresh), and also whether I would be able to take on a heavier preaching load next year.

It has been difficult in terms of putting down my thoughts in writing and (of late) keeping the number of words down to make it fit into the allotted space. But not been so difficult in the sense that there is so much in the Bible (more of a too much material problem).

Interestingly the added benefit is that I have had more and more people come up to talk with me (appreciatively) about stuff I have written. I felt especially blessed on Sunday when one senior lady who joined us early this year when her former church (Baptist) closed down and told me that she appreciated not just my writing my Pastors Notes (seems her former church never had such devotions in their weekly bulletin) and how much they have helped her BUT also that she felt that I had out in a lot of time and thought into them. She knows I am busy and so she appreciated it even more.

Man, I love such encouraging feedback!! :-) Thank God for such old saints!

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