Friday, September 4, 2009

Shore is Magic 09

It's that time of the year again. The local magic club I belong to, located on the North Shore (North of Central Auckland) will be having our annual magic show.

Our Club has just received from the government an official "Charity" non profit status in recognition of the fine work it is doing to promote the performing arts, and our focus of working with children and teens.

Much of the credit for the success of the club goes to two professional magicians / entertainers - our President Mick (the one holding the rabbit - whose name is Samantha), and our secretary BJ (the hungry looking clown).

Together with Mark (the one with the cards and dove), who is a semi-pro working his way to becoming a full time entertainer (and anuimla trainer?), these three will be the anchors of our annual magic / variety show. They will be supported on stage by a few other acts from a couple of other professionals as well as a group of of juniors (people under 20). One of them will be "the Weeman" (I have posted a video of him in the past) ...

People like myself and our sound and lights expert, Nathan will be working behind the scenes. I get the pleasure of once again being the stage manager. This year, the job will hopefull be easier as some new members (juniors) of the club have volunteered to assist back stage.

A few parents will be helping with the door sale of tickets and the selling of refreshments and a team of superb close up magicians (junuiors) will be doing pre-show and in between show walkabout magic. I must say that some of them are very skilled.

I think this year the show will be even better than last year's as we have gained more experience AND we have insisted on a full dress rehearsal on Thursday night.

I am looking forward to the shows! One of our juniors will be videotaping the show for the club) which is great as being stage manager means I never get to watch the actual show!

Oh yes ... in case the print on the leaflets are too small for some:
you can get tickets at: or at telephone 09-361 1000.
Ticket prices are a steal! $10 children and $15 for adults or $50 for a family of 2 adults and 3 children.

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