Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off for a Pastor's Retreat (next week) and other ramblings

Next week I go off for a Pastor's Retreat. Tuesday evening to Friday morning. I am looking forward to the break. Been cramming in a lot of things to make sure I have everything covered so I can take off.

Looks like a long weekend. Home group tomorrow night, ferrying my boys around for their activities as well as youth practices. On Saturday, a personal "consultation" related to missions, and then a major meeting to sort out some major issues related to our youth ministry, then a dinner to attend (this one is not work!! :-) ). Sunday after worship is our church leadership meeting. Some major items to discuss.

And Monday I am working to make sure I get everything that needs to be done, done before I go for my retreat. And my poor wife will have to handle looking after the insulation workmen.

I am trying to pace myself as when went last yea, I went very tired so I could not fully relax and benefit. I slept a lot there :-) And this hear I am driving so I don't get caught like in the previous year of agreeing to thumb a ride there and finding out that I had to find my own transport back. It's an almost 4 hour drive so I want to be fresh.

I am looking forward to catching up with my room mate from last year - an associate pastor a pretty large and very "innovative" Brethren church. Had a chat with him a couple of days ago and he asked me to put in a request that we room together. He's in his twenties but we get along great. He is a gifted and passionate man of God and I am grateful to God that we met as he is a wonderful model of the new generation of Christ centred biblical based, IT savvy, people oriented and and culturally relevant pastors.

I felt pretty honoured that when he told me that he had submitted my name with a very strong recommendation that I be approached by his church for the post of senior pastor. Their current senior pastor and his wife (a really incredible couple) are retiring this year. I think it would be an interesting church to serve as a pastor but I told him I was not interested but told him it did boost my "ego" a lot! :-) It is fascinating to me that his church leaders let him take 6 weeks off (granted this was the agreement they made a couple of years ago when they first hired him) to go to Germany to play tennis on the pro circuit and do coaching! Such things tells me that this church is very open to things non traditional ... :-)

Had lunch today with two of my elders to work on a mission related matter (one of them is our church's former pastor) and told them about this church's senior pastor retiring (he was my former pastor's student at seminary). I told them about my friend's recommendation for a job as senior pastor. Their response? One was: They will be able to give you a much better salary! LOL The other was: While we don't want you to leave, if God is leading you, we will not stand in your way!

Anyway in case this is misunderstood, I love it here at KCC and even more when I have elders are willing to consider letting me leave if God is leading. This is to me one of the many things I love about my current church leadership - kingdom perspective.

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