Monday, August 17, 2009

My sons school made national headlines

My sons school made national headlines for the wrong reason

*sigh* ... but I must say that I think highly of the Kelston Boys High School Principal Steve Watt and I do not think that the boys from Kelston Boys deserve to be stereo typed as "rough kinds" or "trouble makers".


  1. Things happened, and get blown out of proportion often. And people make mistake - that does not mean that they deserved to be stereotyped.

  2. I think this reputation is misplaced due to their reputation as a school good in sports. The new head has worked for many years to change this image. Tonight the rugby disciplinary board members and I have a strong suspicion that while some will be found guilty of fighting (which did happen), there will be interesting revelations as to the instigators. And I do not think the fingers will be pointed at the Kelston boys.