Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick questions / note on "politics"

Last night one of my Home groups finished the final study based on John Stott's DVD curriculum, The Bible and the Christian life. This title of the final session was "Making an Impact on Society". I could not help but think that what Stott had to say needs to be heard by many Christians in Malaysia (sorry if I sound judgmental).

And the context of this study is just general teachings that are foundational for Christians to understand, reflect and apply. In fact this was the simplest study in terms of terminology etc. Just a simple message based on Matthew 5:13-16 (salt and light). The three discussion questions that speak for themselves.

But before that, here's what Stott mentioned as six weapons in our Christian armoury.

1. Prayer
2. Evangelism
3. Example
4. Argument
5. Action
6. Suffering

Discussion and Reflection Questions

1. How in your everyday life do you live out the biblical truths that Christians are to be radically different than non-Christians, yet penetrate non-Christian society?

2. Stott says Christians must accept much of the blame for the darkness and rottenness of society, in part because too many of us pray to a “village God,” interested only in our own needs and not those of the world at large. Discuss this thought as well as ways we might become more “global” in our prayers.

3. Stott says Christians cannot perfect society but we can improve it. Discuss how Christian influence can hinder the spread of evil, perhaps as it relates to a specific societal ill, say criminal behavior or the lack of concern for the poor, homeless, or unemployed. How do you respond to Stott’s theory of Christian involvement in politics, not necessarily in the narrow sense of making laws, but in the broad sense of living in community and therefore being a responsible citizen? What does that mean in practical terms?

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