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Selangor Bans Christian Song (Allah peduli)

Catching up on my Malaysian news ... I knew this would come soon with all the objections on the use of the word Allah in the Bible and in Christian literature. It was the next logical step. It's a nice song, melody and simple but meaningful message.

The report taken from NECF Malaysia site

Selangor Bans Christian Song

Imposes fine of up to RM1,000

From banning Bibles to Christian publications, the authorities are now prohibiting songs.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) has banned an Indonesian song which contains the word "Allah" to "prevent Muslims from being confused".

Anyone found playing or singing the song, "Allah Peduli" (God Cares), risk being fined up to RM1,000 under the Non-Muslim Religious Enactment 1988.

However, the ban is confined to Selangor as matters of religion come under state jursidiction.

MAIS chairman Datuk Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa told the media on March 13 that the song by Indonesian singer Agnes Monica repeatedly used the word 'Allah' when referring to Jesus Christ and that the lyrics ended with words "Tak akan pernah dibiarkannya ku bergumul sendiri sebab Allah Yeses ku mengerti" (Will never be left alone to face my own anxiety because Allah Jesus understands).

Following the ruling, the Penang Islamic Religious Council (MAIPP) urged the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to extend the ban to the nation.

MAIPP chairman Shabudin Yahaya said he had not heard the song but he had received reports that the lyrics touched on the sensitivities of Islam.

NECF Malaysia maintains that it will continue to use the word "Allah" as languages and words are universal property and should not be monopolised by any one religion or ethnic group. Furthermore, the word has been used by Christians and other religions even before Islam existed.

NECF asserts that one of the ways to resolve the issue is to get the various religious groups who use "Allah" in their Scriptures and faith - Sikhs, Christians, Muslims and others - to educate their followers on their unique understanding of the word according to their religions.

Different religion views and understands "Allah" in different manner and no one religion should impose its understanding of the word on another religion.

You can catch the controversial song "Allah Peduli" on


Here's the song :

Interesting comments by the person who posted up this video

*I've been receiving a lot of rude comments...
AGAIN,people!!!I did not upload this video to make you hate each please...BE RESPECTFUL!!I mean come more MATURE!!!
*I don't care about what you believe in, just be repectful. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS SONG, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO PUSH THE "STOP" BUTTON AND MOVE ON!!
*If you're arguing about the word "Allah" here, please listen's pronounced "A-lah" not "Awww..loh", so don't be mistaken about that,please..
and also...the word "Allah" is just one of the words in Arabic. It doesn't mean that someone has to be a muslim to say "Allah",does it?'
what about the Christians there? They DO have to use the word Allah,right?I mean come on..that's their language...
*We,Christians, have been using the word "Allah" from centuries,Especially Indonesians. So why NOW? why do people argue about that now?
*Was that really necessary for them to ban this song knowing that the word "Allah" itself has been used by Christians since a long time ago?

" 1/22/the-word-allah-is-not-a-monopoly-of -umno/"

*For those of you who doesn't understand anything about this, please..JUST BE RESPECTFUL.
* there is NO USE to put rude comments here!!

common Question:
* Is Agnes Monica a Christian?
She's either a Christian or Catholic(that's what i know)

+ Lyrics
**************************************** ****

Banyak perkara yang tak dapat ku mengerti
Mengapakah harus terjadi
Di dalam kehidupan ini
Suatu perkara yang ku simpan dalam hati
Tiada satupun kan terjadi tanpa Allah perduli

Allah mengerti
Allah peduli
Segala persoalan yg kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah di biarkanya ku bergumul sendiri
Sbab Allah mengerti

Allah mengerti
Allah peduli
Segala persoalan yg kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah di biarkanya ku bergumul sendiri
Sbab Allah Yesus ku mengerti

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