Monday, June 22, 2009

Pictures of our house by Dr. Haiwan

Vincent kindly sent me the photos he took while he was in Auckland and Hamilton. Thought I'd post some of them up over the next few days starting now since I have 15 minutes before I have to got to church (AV repairman coming over).

The brown patches of grass is due to a recent frost.

Wonderful bus stop right outside. Only bad point is rubbish tends to overflow and often flies into the yard.

The side road in one of the pictures leads to my neighbour's house which is behind mine (originally same lot - sub divided property). We have very nice neighbours. A GREAT BLESSING.

You might notice too that we have no front gate. Most houses do not have gates.


  1. A beautiful house, Paul. I cannot imagine living in a house without gate and grills on the doors and windows. I am sure you understand.

  2. Alex

    Thank you. I like to tell people to imagine a compact 3 bedroom one bath Malaysian apartment (1000 square metres) but with front and back decks) but with some land!! :-) Easy to maintain.

    I am blessed with a big office where I can house my books or the ho.use would be too small and messy.

    And yes I do understand what you mean. For the first 3 months in Auckland, the first thing I normally did was to go and look out the window to see if my car was still around ! :-)

    I still find it a bit strange not to have grills. I only open certain windows in warmer weather ... old habits die hard :-) Just need to trust God and add in an alarm system and house contents insurance for good measure.

    More and more houses now have grates and even grills. My Asian neighbour (to my right) has higher fences and an automatic gate.