Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If I Were To Do It Again (On Youth Ministry)

Here's am interesting piece from Scott McKnight's blog ... and article on youth ministry.

If I Were To Do It Again

I was a youth pastor for 13 years. Today, I am active in youth ministry as a volunteer at The Church of the Resurrection near my home in Kansas City but most of my contribution to youth ministry these days is through training, writing, speaking and consulting.

Recently, I was sharing some thoughts regarding the future of youth ministry with a group of local lead and executive pastors. I was asked, "If you were to go back and do youth ministry again, as you once did, how would what you know now change how you would lead a youth ministry?" I had a few items off the top of my head (some are listed below) but I pointed them all to this post for a more robust list of things I might do differently. So, if I were to go back and lead a youth ministry again I would...

Read the article here. Insightful thoughts of which I would agree with many. Comments in response to the article is also interesting ...

No time to comment ... am off ... to donate blood :-)

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