Thursday, May 21, 2009

A stranger kissed me today ramblings

Yup. It's true. She actually asked me for a cuddle, and then she snuck in the kiss ...

The stranger was a Maori (I think) woman about 5 feet tall ... but it's obviously not as racy as it sounds ... she's a grandmother with grown up grandchildren and I think she is around 70 years old. Oh and the kiss was a peck on the cheek :-)

Ah ... the magic of balloons helped. What happened was that I went to the post office to check the church mail, then popped over to buy a box of printer paper (sale) and since I felt a little hungry (I was over confident and just packed for my lunch 2 slices of bread) so I thought that on the way back to the office I would drop by the local supermarket and see whether there were any special breads or pastries on offer. Duh! I forgot, it was too early for that - half price stuff is I only on offer at the end of the day, late evening ... so thought I might as well get a loaf of bread for tomorrow. Then as I was waiting in line at the express checkout I noticed a sale on bluebird potato chips (2 for $3), so I thought might as well get a couple - the boys love it.

So I gave up my place in the line ... then I got back in and noticed that there was a sale on Griffin biscuits .... 3 for $5. As I had no idea what they tasted like, I thought ... "hey, might as well take the opportunity to try all the 3 types that were on offer.... If you haven't fallen asleep yet, they were ... "Vanilla Wine", "The Original Malt" and "Milk Arrowroot". So I gave up my place in line to get the biscuits to this short old lady. Yes .. this is the kissing lady, so I am getting there ...

I was observing her the whole time. Not a smile. Just quiet, sad looking with her little basket half full. On the way to the carpark I saw this young girl eating an ice cream cone, sitting next to her mother. She was cute and smiled at me and I thought, this is a chance to bring out my balloons and do another act of "random kindness".

Side note: I recently bought through a clown friend a high quality small hand pump that is quite easy to slip into my inner jacket pocket with a small stash of balloons without too much of a bother. Much slower of course but it is perfect for doing a few balloons and ideal in size for my Thai 130s.

Anyway ... her mum seemed a bit grumpy so I thought I had better back off...

All that little delaying resulted in my reaching my car the same time as this old lady reached her car which happened to be parked next to my car. She was still not smiling and still looked a bit sad (maybe tired?) so I took a deep breath and piped up, "Good afternoon. That's a lovely car you have there". It was a shiny purple compact 2 door Nissan March. She looked up (she was opening her car door), looked at me and in what seemed like 10 seconds (it was I am sure just a second or two) she broke into a big smile and said, "That is so nice of you to talk to me." Interesting comment, don't you think? And for the next few minutes we chatted about her car and my car.

I wasn't sure what to do next so I asked her about whether she had grandchildren etc and spent a minute or so talking about that. Then I said, "I want to give you something." I struggled to open my jacket (it was cold so it was all zipped and buttoned up) but finally managed to whip out my pump and ... of course I chose a purple balloon... twisted her a nice "snoopy style dog" and gave it to her.

She was so pleased with the dog gave me a big thank you. Then she said. "It is so nice of you to take the time to talk to me. Come here and give me a cuddle." Now that caught me off guard for a split second but her arms were already opened so I went in and she gave me a big hug and so I also hugged her as I was coming out of the hug, she gave me a peck on the cheek.

As we were getting into our respective cars to leave, she gave me a big smile and said "God bless you!"

Cool! :-)

Side story ... On Mother's Day we went out for dinner at our favourite Malaysian restaurant. I wished the proprietor's wife "A Happy Mothers Day" and made her a balloon swan. I told her not to cook it (yeah, I know lame line but it works for me) and said it was for Mothers Day especially since she had to work that day. She said thank you .... 15 minutes later when we had begun our meal, she came back with 4 satay sticks on the house. Very unexpected ... Balloons rock!

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