Thursday, May 28, 2009

May magic ramblings

I have been rather "busy" the last few weeks not so much overwork ... but I think not being my normal 100% health wise has made everyday things harder than they normally would be. And my boys schedules are getting a little bit messy and being the one who has flexi-hours, I tend to be the main chauffeur. Not too much of a problem except that for someone like me who works best when there is a "flow", too many such interruptions can be tough as it takes a lot more effort to get back into the "flow". If that makes no sense ... then think "rhythm" instead of "flow" and if that still does not make sense, be thankful as it probably means this is not something that affects your productivity! :-)

Re-centering exercises do seem to help and I guess indulging in hobbies. Been a while in the area of indulging in hobbies ... But yesterday I did. I received a 3 DVD set I bought on trademe. Brand new and what I found interesting was that there were three auctions for the same sets with starting bids at very different prices. 2 sets started at $27 and $30+ respectively but another was at $12?? Hmmm... of course I bid for the $12 set! And I won! Cost me a total of $15.50 (with postage and handling). The DVDS? World Magic Awards 1999 and 2000 and a bonus DVD Impossible Escapes. Watched the 1999 DVD yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it there were some classic great performers I have always liked. Worth the money even if I have already seen some of the acts. It was nice to watch on a high quality video rather than low quality youtube resolutions.

Also watched performers I am unfamiliar with is alwasy nice ... Curious though that while it was a 1999 award show, I have not heard of those who won the "Best up and coming magician" and "Best rising star in magic". I wonder of their "rising stars" have faded? But then again they are so many great performers so it is hard to keep up.

But again, a great bargain for 3 original UK DVDs. I love trademe! :-)

I particularly enjoyed Penn and Teller and watching the late Tommy Wonder, and of course Franz Harary. Amazing stuff. On my Malaysian magic club forum, a friend posted a link to a video yesterday that I have embedded below. Very nice act by a magician called Topas. I love how he integrates his musical ability and sense of timing into his manipulation act. So entertaining. I think you will enjoy it.

I hope that tonight after games I will have some time to fool around with a couple of magic items. Been a long time. Bit of motivation now especially sine I did promise to do a little magic for a dinner engagement tomorrow night. I have to work on some "old" sleight of hand stuff that I have been putting off. I think everyone in church knows my sponge ball routines too well :-)

After the fun I had with my "a stranger kissed me" episode and my cold reading success last week, I decided to be a bi more adventurous so yesterday I did a magic effect for one of the bank tellers at my regular branch (as it was a very quiet period - I just happened to be the only customer). She loved the effect. I think I had better come prepared the next time I drop by the bank in case I get her again ... I am sure she would want to see more.

Anyway, got to work on my sermon and make another pastoral visit so here's video of Tommy Wonder. Enjoy!


  1. the second video is pretty amazing!

  2. He does deserve his stage name ... "Tommy Wonder" ...