Friday, April 24, 2009

Seven pleasures that keep me sane - a response

Ok,. here's a response to Sivin's post on "7 pleasures that keep me sane" and his mail on "friends in conversation"

1. Reading a good comic book. Thank God for the Waitakere library! :-)

2. Fooling around with some "magic" stuff

3. Experimenting with a new recipe for dinner (but it has to follow my "must be simple and everything done plus cleaning up in 45 minutes" rule).

4. Curling up in bed with my wife to watch one of our favourite TV shows.

5. Blogging

6. Fooling around with either my guitar or ukulele

7. .... will reserve the last one for another time. If I have to choose seven, I want to think longer about the last one :-)

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