Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ramblings on Kiwi made preaching forum - 3

First workshop I attended was entitled "How can the baton of biblical preaching be passed on to young people?"

Quite a few young people were there. Presenter was a doctoral student whose daughter (teenager) was very into preaching (all began during a mission trip). That was interesting.... as she had personal conflicts as she was from the older school (despite being a woman preacher) and more academically inclined where strong biblical exegesis is foundational for preaching.

Presentation was excellent in terms of exploring some of the hows and whys (which was her bigger issue) and a quick look at the general differences between "baby boomers, Gen-X and Gen-Y" and stuff like that.

One of the funny parts was her showing of this video ... Mrs. Beamish, a song by a duo Richard Stilgoe & Peter Skellern.

However in the end I was left rather disappointed as what I was looking for was not generalizations of things already known (true as they may be) like

1. Make the decision now that we want the next generation to preach.
2. Empower through mentoring, model and discuss and give opportunities etc
3. Intentionally skill build
4. Tell them we believe in them and the church needs to hear their voice

etc etc.

I was looking for examples of "models" as to HOW any particular church is actually doing this in a systematic way ... and how they have been seeking to handle some of the practical difficulties, a sharing of some success story etc ... even if it was a work in progress.

Somehow preaching is related to leadership development but developing new leaders is also quite different from developing a new generation of preachers. Developing a new generation of preachers has a different focus that I think needs to be seen both alongside and separate the general issues related to leadership development.

At the end of the forum during the 1.5 hours of "pizza assisted" brainstorming and reflection I pursued this question with a number of people and all I got was very generalized statements from "running a preaching seminar" and every church would have a different approach depending on its circumstances etc.

No arguments there BUT again, pretty frustrating as I wish someone would actually share specifics as to how all these general stuff can be put together.

I of course have my own ideas :-) but still too preliminary to share for many reasons. It's an idea cum work in progress for me that is pretty loose as a lot is depending on PRAYER and observing how God is moving ... and then interacting with what's happening in order to work out possible directions and plans. Perhaps I'd share on this one day.

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