Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ramblings and some news links 01

Finished my Sunday sermon preparation!! Now only have to redo the ppt presentation. Decided to just limit myself to 4 slides this time.... :-)

Anyway to "reward myself" I caught up with some reading and world news and found a nice online newspaper (Irish independent news) via an article sent to me by "Dr. Haiwan".

The article he sent me was "The dark side of Dubai". Be warned, it is a long and very disturbing article. One of the most disturbing is the "legal slavery" upon which Dubai depends on.

Then another article caught my eye (in the Middle East section) ..

WOMEN were pelted with stones in Kabul yesterday when they mounted a rare street protest against a new Afghan law said to legalise marital rape.

That's as much terrible news I can handle for today ... so I quit reading anymore.... ok back to my sermon ppt


  1. i heard but had not read about the kabul news. yeah, i think i need a break today from reading the news. :)

    oh, and your posts on preaching were too long and difficult (for me) to read, so i kinda passed . . . . ;p

  2. hahaha. Too LONG is a nice way to put i :-)