Thursday, April 16, 2009

My first skype "meeting"

Had a very interesting appointment today.... A lunch / breakfast meeting with some good ministry buddies from Malaysia. The four of us used to serve together as part of our seminary alumni committee. Patrick (NECF), Ron (New Life Restoration ..) and Franklin (used to Pastor an FGA church but is now a College lecturer). And it was nice too to have someone I really admire join us at the last minute Rev. Lai (former pastor, NECF and now with Focus on the Family).

Quite a privilege as the meeting was to catch up and have fellowship and afterward brainstorm on church leadership issues (Ron being the new chairman of NECF's leadership commission and Patrick being the NECF liason in this committee). They had their coffee and roti canai for breakfast while I had Fejoias and a pear for my lunch :-)

Quite interesting especially since Patrick kept having to move the video cam every now and then so I could see everyone's faces as they talked. Very interesting conversations :-) But also pretty complicated.

Mentoring ... inter-generational ministries, connecting to social responsibility.... informal mentoring, openness, discipleship, coaching ... LPI tool on personality. Nature, genes ..Marriage issues, young people,. Gen-Y, phases of life, rite of passage, encounter with God, leadership in church irrelevant? Missing passion? Needs of the local church?

Personality ... self knowledge ... identity ... self leadership....?

Aiyo sensory overload ... :-)

But praying together over video was a nice way to end ...

BTW, took these photos with my webcam ... something new to me :-)


  1. It was a very meaningful time - didn't expect skype to work so well.Praise the Lord. I am writing the jottings now - will send you all tomorrow.

  2. Thanks again Patrick. It was indeed a blessed time. Really miss our get-togethers. Nice that it now does not have to revolve around alumni matters :-)

  3. hey, your teleconferencing worked better than mine did!!

  4. Z

    So it did!! But it was a small group and we are all buddies so it was easier. best part was that I could do other stuff while the "conference" was going on without being rude :-)