Friday, April 3, 2009

Four people, one goal: 100kms in 36 hours

It's this weekend. I think I blogged about this in my now defunct Multiply blog.

Four people, one goal: 100kms in 36 hours

April 4 & 5, 2009 @ Lake Taupo

Oxfam Trailwalker challenges teams of four to walk or run 100kms through some of central North Island’s most spectacular terrain in 36 hours. Read more about it here.

If you feel generous, consider supporting one of these teams (there are many teams participating) ...

gossipgirls or Trailblazers

You just need to type the name in the box "Find a team" and hit search.

One of the gossipgirls Deboarah Teh (Christian) is a university student from my church and the Trailblazers team leader, Julia Bode (non-Christian) is a friend whom I worked with in our refugee family. I stress the "Christian" and "non-Christian" part so you know that Oxfam is not a Christian organization but I do think it is a good organization.

All the money goes to help the poor so it is no big difference which team you support but it does make a difference to the morale of the team to see money collecting!! :-) If you meet either Debs or Julia you would be supportive as they are two outstanding young people in their twenties.

For the curious, my financial support went to "Trailblazers" though my prayer support is for both teams to persevere and make it. Why "Trailblazers"? Simple they asked first a few months back. My sons of course supported the fundraiser for "gossipgirls". I am most pleased with that.

Here's the prayer request I sent out to my church members on behalf of Debs so if you want to send up a prayer too, I would be most glad!!

For those who are unaware, Debs will be doing the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker from 6am on Saturday till 5pm on Sunday with 3 of her friends (who aren't all Christian). Her team will be accompanied in Taupo by four support people including Ben and Jo. (Note: Ben is here brother and Jo is a church member)
Thank God that the bad cough Debs has had since Feb has gotten a LOT better in the past week, just in time.

Thank God also for friends who have been stunningly generous and fellow walkers who have been great company.
Pray that God will provide them the needed mental strength, physical protection and sustaining power, especially when they start to feel sleepy and tired, and when blisters set in and they have to climb hilly terrain in the dark.
Do pray that NZers will become more personally engaged in the issues of poverty, and that the money raises will be a blessing.
Thanks for praying

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