Thursday, April 16, 2009

film on food wastage and hunger

Elsie (from SU Malaysia) sent me this link. Thanks Elsie!

http://www.cultureu nplugged. com/play/ 1081/Chicken- a-la-Carte

I agree with her that it is something we all need to watch.

I remember growing up and having my mother tell us her children to eat up what was in front of us etc and when we were reluctant would add something along the lines of "Do you know how many people are starving in Africa and would be so grateful to eat your leftovers?"

Of course the impact of her words were often much reduced because it was not always given in the right context. Often, there was just too much food.

Today I find myself "preaching" the same sermon: "Don't waste food." "If you order, make sure you finish it!" "Don;t take what you cannot finish!" .... and a whole host of other admonitions!
I do this not just because of what my mother used to tell me but because I believe it to be a good principle.

I pray to God that when I see him I will not be found guilty of wasting food. I do hope that time will show that I have taught my children well in the area of being grateful for what food we have, not to waste any food and not to over eat.

I hope when they and others see this film, they will understand why I am so fussy that the leftovers be finished and not wasted and that we keep try to our meals simple and do not spend big bucks on luxury food (except for the special occasions).


  1. :) if you're full, just take it home and reheat it! If it makes sense to eat a little less for dinner so that you have leftovers for lunch, then eat a little less. :):) that's my policy anyway.

  2. Z

    Interesting. For me and y wife, lunch is light. My boys take to school sandwiches etc - however much they want.

    Dinner for us tends to be heavier and if there are leftovers, I make it a rule that we try to finish within 2 days. here, weather is cool so food keeps a lot longer.

    Some leftovers are happily eaten fast - like pizza!! We tend to buy an extra pizza (as we only buy when we have great coupon offers) and my boys heat them up for breakfast etc.

    Others ... well.... must force a bit and in the end Jennifer and I eat them up at our next meal.

  3. :) i tend to be hungry all the time but it is usually true that i am a bit hungrier during the day . . . . pizza for breakfast? ugh. only boys. :)