Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our first BBQ at our NZ home

Been a long time coming. We enjoyed numerous BBQs but never hosted one ourselves. We decided to wait till we got our own place. Then we decided to wait till year 2 for a good deal on a BBQ pit. We finally bought one in Nov 08 which we thought was a good deal. $240 for a 4 burner with a hood. Then we deiced we should put up a pergola for our deck (either back or front) as our house seemed pretty small for a BBQ crowd - of the weather turns rainy.

Then after a couple of months of research we felt we should wait and not spend the money to build a pergola.... and finally after so much procrastinating, and lots of creative ideas and advice from friends as to how to do it with limited space and weather contingency plans we decided to just "DO IT!" ...And of course that was over a month ago and I am only now finally finding the time to look at the photos Andrew took and posting some up...

But with a nice overflow of younger ones hanging out in the rooms and the sitting room, and the older ones outside on the deck, using the dining and kitchen area as a walkway, it went well.

The weather especially nice and cooling so the back deck was ideal espe since it was shaed from the evening sun.

It was nice too to be able to celebrate Jin's birthday with a huge durian cake :-)

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