Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My fav Cyril stage magic Act

Ever since I saw his magic hamburger trick on youtube years ago, I have been a great Cyril fan.
I love the fact that he is so cool on stage too. I can only dream of being 1% as cool :-(

I thought I'd look up his stage act on youtube as I really loved the way he choreographed his act to his selected music.

Sadly the original music has been removed due to some possible copyright concerns and another piece of something else dubbed in. Glad I downloaded the video with the original long ago.
Anyway I am sure you will still enjoy his act even without the extra beauty of the nuances of his moves to the original music.

I searched a little more to see if there might be another video of his award winning stage act with the original music and found this video entitled "Cyril vs. SG Cyril". It has Cyril's act with the orginal music but placed side by side with a copy cat act by a "Cyril wannabe" from Singapore.

Nice for a change that the butt of the jokes is not that of a "so called top" Malaysian magician. But for me it is educational to see the difference in quality and how low the standard is in Singapore and Malaysia and how so many fool themselves into thinking they are great magicians when they are really poor. Some of us Malaysian magicians in the club I belong to are currently discussing how low the standard of magic in Malaysia has dropped and how sub standard acts win "self proclaimed top level local competitions" with typical Malaysian overhype and then claim the titles proclaiming they are the "best in Malaysia" etc

Made me think of spiritual counterfeits and how easily we can allow ourselves to be deceived and accept as genuine and good junk. Look at the huge difference in Cyril's act and the Singapore copy cat (which is pretty unethical in the magic world) who won 2nd place in a Singapore competition.


  1. Hello Pastor Paul Long,
    My former church mate in malaysia Kin Loong just wrote to me about your church so I checked it out. Just wanted to say hello to a brother in the Lord and in ministry. Keep up the good work. God bless, Ron Choong (New York)

  2. Ron

    Thanks for dropping by - say Hi to Kin Loong when you see him.