Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gout attack!!

Aaaahhhhh! Gout attack. Been trying to stave it off for a few days but I seem to now be losing :-( Aiyoyo, foot hurting. Think I aggravated it when I went hospital visitation. Maybe a wee bit too much walking.

The good part of course is, its my left foot so I still can drive :-) And I can worknow barefoot :-) Wonderful advantage of having my own office. it is still not full blown so I am hopeful my flooding my system with lots of fluids might still work.

What is gout?

Gout is a common type of arthritis (joint inflammation). It causes sudden bouts of pain and swelling, usually in just one or two joints (the ball of the foot is commonly involved), and which, left untreated, last from days to weeks. These bouts of acute gouty arthritis are also called gout attacks.

Gout affects men (middle-aged generally) much more often than women. Gout is closely linked with the body's level of uric acid - a normal breakdown product of digesting certain foods. High uric acid levels and gout attacks can be treated by your doctor. ....

Food and gout ...

Table 1: High or low purine food sources

Food Sources of Purine

Total purine content

(mg of purine/100 g food)

lamb, roasted, chop
Pork, roasted, chop
Fish, white, fresh
Mushroom, fresh
Bread, crusted
Bread, white
Wheat flour
Cottage cheese
Plain yogurt
Rice, cooked

Table 2: Purine content in meat organs, seafoods (fresh and canned), and vegetables (legumes).

Purine food sources Total purine content (mg/100 gram food)
Organ meats Total purines
Pork liver 289
Chicken liver 243
Chicken heart 223
Beef kidney 213
Beef liver 197
Beef heart 171
Lamb heart 171
Beef brain 162
Lamb liver 147
Fresh seafoods
Anchovies 411
Sardines 345
Salmon 250
Mackerel 194
Clams 136
Squid 135
Canned seafoods
Sardines 399
Herring 378
Anchovies 321
Mackerel 246
Shrimp 234
Tuna 142
Oysters 107
Salmon 88
Clams 62
Dried legumes
Blackeye peas 230
Lentils 222
Great northern bean 213
Small white bean 202
Split peas 195
Pinto bean 171
Red bean 162
Large lima bean 149
Baby lima bean 144
Cranberry bean 75
Garbanza bean 56

According to a study that compared free and total purine bases content in meat products (steak, beef liver and haddock fillets) before and after cooking, cooking appears to increase the level of free and total purine bases in a diet. Total purine content is based on the sum of all the four purine bases.

Table 3: Purine content in raw and cooked foods.

Meat products

Total purine content

(mg of purine/food)

Liver, raw
liver, boiled
liver, broiled
Steak, raw
Steak, boiled
Steak, broiled
Haddock, raw
Haddock, boiled
Haddock, broiled

Table 4: Purine content in chicken parts (listed high to low).

Purine sources

Total purine content

(mg of purine/food)

Liver, chicken
Drumstick, chicken
Breast, chicken
Gizzard, chicken
Thigh, chicken
Skin, chicken

Alcohol drinks also contain purines. There is strong association between high consumption of alcoholic drinks and uric acid levels in the blood, and consequently gout. Below are estimates of purine content in alcoholic drinks analysed by British researchers.

Table 5: Purine content in alcoholic drinks (beer).

Alcohol drink

Total purine content

(mg of purine/Litre)

Traditional British beers 20.3 - 27.5
Guinness 23.8
Lager beer 17.7
Home-brewed beer 3.9
Cider 0.4


  1. my dad had this for many years. and then, he had to have a bypass, and a few months ago, was diagnosed with liver failure.

    time to watch your weight and exercise more, paul!

  2. *sigh* I am now exercising more. ... at least weekly games and have now been doing some short morning exercises ....

  3. ooohh... forgot to mention - weight is ok :-)

  4. :):) well, i'm hoping this isn't a diet-related disease. my maternal grandma also had bad arthritis for as long as i can remember. she was always in pain and i just can't imagine living like that. i can't even bear it now when i get twinges of pain in my left knee!!!! (mostly from running on hard surfaces.)

  5. Thanks for your concern. It is food related ... :-)Saturday's pot luck was a heavenly feast! mmmmmmm.... and then of course I was experimenting with my meat dishes - and ikan billis is high in purine.
    And then of course there was the left over beef spaghetti....and it so happened the night before we had tofu (high in purine as well) and salmon ...

    Foot feels so much better today with my water treatment :-) But tonight I am going out for dinner ... meeting old friends from Malaysia who unfortunately love to eat :-)

  6. *sigh* looks like I have to cancel tonight's dinner. Went visitation and just a very short slow walk has made me start hobbling again. Can't see how I can go to Queens Street, park, meet and walk and walk back again .... :-(

  7. Thanks. Sad though as it was to be dinner with Peter and Audrey Tan ... and tomorrow I have a meeting and Jennifer has to be in Hamilton for training :-( By Friday, they will have flown back...