Saturday, March 21, 2009

Church picnic - 8 March 09

We had a wonderful church picnics. More photos (better ones probably :-)) are posted at my church website.

I found some that Andrew took and most importantly, Jennifer remembered to ask someone to take a photo of us as a family. Finally ... a couple of photos of us together ...
We had it at one of the nearby local parks. This is one of many great things about living in New Zealand, the lovely wide open green space. Interested to see where we went, click... Cornwallis Park. It was a BYO lunch to share event which was great as there was so much variety of food and members friends and family who would normally not come for church events would join us for a time fo relaxation and some organized fun games. Did not go swimming though ... brrrr... am amazed how some of the children can take the cold water...
Games was fun as we had another "Youngies" versus "Oldies"competition - this tome a FEAR FACTOR style competition and the OLDIIES won!!

Nice to know that we were evenly matched till Lye Chye and myself won hands down with the goldfish in your mouth transfer. We Church Elders have got surprising skills :-)


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  2. * sigh spam on my blog already? Maybe have to use "moderated comments" mode :-(

  3. nice pictures! i suppose it's smart to bring a tent just in case it rains . . .

  4. We actually out up a couple of pergolas (large open style shelters) in another place. The tent is more for protection against windy conditions.

  5. nice pics and events.....will be headin up to Akl mid year to see some employers for internship. Will drop by if have time.

  6. Let me know early so I cna block some time to see you.