Monday, March 16, 2009

Baptism photos 15 March 09

Baptism service on Sunday 15th march. Photos are all mixed up and in the wrong order :-) I guess next time I need to upload the last photos first ...

Thanks to Ken who took these great photos and lots more.

Matt gave a special item / dedication. Max preached a very insightful sermon on baptism.

Jamie read Scripture in public for the first time after his baptism.

Jin Guo gave a very moving testimony of her journey towards baptism.

Aalekha sang a beatiful song on being born again as a testimony, accompanied by her father Gladwyn.

Various parents and friends gave testimonies, insights into the candidates and prayed for them before they entered the pool.

The technical and support team prepared the sound systems /special video feed, got the pool water nice and warm, organized the smooth changing out of wet clothes into dry clothes in super time ... and practically everyone chipped in with great food for the occasion.

And I had the joy of being the baptizer!

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